Market Partnerships & Channel Development

Connecting innovations with markets

What we do?

We build dedicated channels tailored to the needs of both rural markets and the healthcare sector, to bridge value chain gaps and help innovations commercialize.


RAIIn (Rural Access to Impact Innovations): A market access facility making impact innovations accessible and affordable to rural areas


MAP-Health (Market Access Partners for Healthcare): A platform facilitating market entry and product fit for social enterprises in the healthcare sector.

Here's how we work

We partner with last mile distributors and channel partners who work with FPOs and SHGs, and healthcare networks to enhance market-product fit and facilitate market penetration for social enterprises.

We offer business opportunities to our partners by providing innovations that meet their growth aspirations.

Equip enterprises with a robust go-to-market model, developed in conjunction with advisors and experts.

Offer access to rural/healthcare distribution channels and drive utilisation through partnerships


RAIIn: Rural Access to Impact Innovations 
MAP-Health (Market Access Partnerships for Healthcare)

Our Partners




Nabkisan Finance Limited



Buzz Women

Yash Entrepreneurs Program
Innovations Making Healthcare Affordable & Accessible
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