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Increase incomes of rural farmers by developing affordable and sustainable conservation products and services.

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Sector Energy Sub-sector
Senior advisor Portfolio Manager

The Entrepreneur

Mitesh Gala holds an MS degree in electrical engineering with expertise in optical fibre technologies and an MBA from Colorado State University (CSU) from a program specific to entrepreneurship in sustainability and base of the pyramid or emerging markets.

The Challenge

In India, irrigation accounts for 25-30 percent of total farming cost. There are parts of India where water is not abundantly found and is an expensive commodity. In other places water sources are far away from the farm land. Older pump technologies were very large horsepower type pumps that weighed 100-160kgs. With reduced farm sizes and distance to water sources increasing, farmers need lighter versions.

The Innovation

SEED has developed a pump that can pump water from 30 feet in the ground. It contains the lightest diesel engine in the market. The pump made entirely from aluminum weighs in at only 35 kilograms and consumes lesser fuel.

The Impact

With an initial focus on the Jalna market of 370,000 smallholder farmers (~4 acres), SEED's goal is to help reduce the stress farmers go through due to drought. Together with the setup of farm ponds and these pumps, farmers will become less affected by inconsistent rains, unavailability of electricity and thus will have more consistent farm revenues. SEED plans to replicate their model in other farming demographics such as tribal farmers who live in mountainous and forest regions and marginal farmers (with ½ acre farms) and help create more meaningful impact.

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