Kissan Dharambir

Kissan Dharambir manufactures and sells horticultural produce multi-processing machines. The patented portable machine is capable of performing multiple functions like juicing, oil extraction, heating, pressure cooking, pulping, pulverising etc.

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Hydrogreens has developed a solar-powered hydroponics unit named Kambali unit that produces 20kg of fresh green fodder using just 20 litres of water per day. This feeds 4 cows/day and causes their milk yields to increase by about 2 litres per cow/ day with higher fat content. The health of livestock becomes better and the methane produced from rumination is reduced. Apart from individual Kambali units, Hydrogreens also sells fodder stations to entrepreneurs and dairy cooperatives where about 500kg of fodder can be produced/day and sold to nearby livestock farmers with an IRR of about 28%.

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Reshamsutra manufactures and sells solar-powered reeling, spinning machines, looms and stitching motors for the silk garment value chain to improve productivity and enable persons without prior skill in this sector to adopt this as a new livelihood with their machines. The quality is comparable to the traditional method of production while the productivity is comparable to those from large industrial machines. Reshamsutra also provides training and backward or forward linkages for the products wherever necessary

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