Greenwear has fashion design experts who design apparel for various customers. They provide forward market linkages to yarn spun by solar charkha and fabric woven in solar looms, and they partner with various brands to achieve this.

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Khethworks manufactures and sells solar-powered open-well submersible pumps. A farmer with landholding less than a half acre can use this for irrigation of their horticulture produce drawing water from a well, pond etc with a depth of less than 10 metres. It is portable, easy to assemble and can be deployed anywhere.

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Carbon Craft Design is a Hubli-based design and material innovation company, solving the air pollution problem by upcycling the rCB (recovered carbon black) to a climate-positive carbon tile.

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NAVANC is a deep tech product that encompasses complex government data sets, individual customer data sets, and geographical data sets to provide a comprehensive credit score. It aims to create a credit-worthy score for each piece of land that is mortgageable within the framework of law and fair market value to enable better credit facilities for businesses and individuals. This allows them to prove their creditworthiness, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities.

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