Climate Action

Cherries (Jalodbust)

“Cherries Engineering and Innovation India Pvt. Ltd. is addressing the challenge
of manual scavenging through an innovative product – JALODBUST Pride. This is portable,
multi-functional Sanitation Service Equipment which pumps high-density faecal and
sanitary sludge from leach pits, septic tanks and manholes.”

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JalSevak (JalConserve)

“JalSevak Solutions solves sewage disposal problems by recycling household
greywater for use in toilet flushing and gardening. They provide on-site decentralized
treatment of greywater at a household level through a solution that is affordable,
scalable and sustainable.”

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To combat problems in current methods of waste collection like poor data and documentation, environmentally unsafe practices and poor quality of life for waste workers, Bintix is working on the ability to trace waste from source to end-point.

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Greenjams creates carbon-negative building materials from crop residues and industrial by-products. Their flagship innovation Agrocrete® is built out of agri residue waste.

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