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Inventing for Impact Series

The series celebrates social enterprises that are inventing products that are advancing impactful social innovations at scale in agriculture, healthcare and climate action space. Sign up to learn more about the featured entrepreneurs (link at the end of this page).

Episode 6: Renewable Energy Facilitating Green Jobs

Climate change has resulted in rising global temperatures and disrupted millions of livelihoods. Economic growth focusing on creating green jobs is critical to mitigating climate change and protecting the planet. In this episode of Inventing for Impact — discover how Resham Sutra and New Leaf Dynamic Technologies are improving livelihoods and facilitating the inclusion of rural women in the workforce through their innovations.

Episode 6: Teaser

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Episode 5: Sustainable Food Systems

Today, Climate change poses a major threat to our food systems. Huge extremes in dry and wet seasons are putting India's food systems at risk – 30% of the country’s food production is discarded yearly due to poor quality. How do we tackle this? In this episode of Inventing for Impact — discover how two Villgro-incubated homegrown inventions are paving the way for sustainable food systems while bettering farmer livelihoods & increasing farmer income.

Episode 4: Waste to Value

From farm to table, enormous amounts of waste are generated as by-products. Most of which end up contaminating our rivers and landfills. This makes us question—is there an opportunity somewhere in this inevitability?  In the final episode of Season 1 of the Inventing for Impact documentary series, we explore two pioneering innovations capable of revolutionising waste-to-value space and combatting climate change.   

Episode 3: Making Diagnostics Accessible & Affordable

Diagnostics influences over 70% of healthcare decisions. There are around eight diagnostic labs per 100,000 people in India and unfortunately, these are neither accessible nor affordable to the rural population in our country. In this episode of Inventing for Impact, we look at two innovations that are solving this challenge.

Episode 2: Water & Agriculture

Climate change is now an accepted fact. Dried streams, unseasonal hailstorms, dropping water tables, and droughts have become more and more frequent. Over extracting resources and our environmental footprint are increasingly evident. One such key resource essential to life is water. . In this episode of Inventing for Impact, we explore two groundbreaking inventions that are helping us manage and conserve water in Agriculture.

Episode 1: Strengthening Community Healthcare

India's healthcare system is plagued by two critical challenges: acute scarcity of medical practitioners and poor access to primary healthcare. About 60% of hospitals and 80% of doctors are located in urban areas about 3/4 of the country is still under-served. In this episode, we take a look at two health-tech innovations that are inventing for impact and scale.

Launch: Inventing for Impact Series Trailer

We are bringing an exciting new series highlighting inventors who are creating innovative solutions to address challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and the climate action space.


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19 November 2020

Can Social Entrepreneurs Revitalize Rural Livelihoods in the Post-COVID era?

The panelists highlight the impact of COVID on rural livelihoods and explore how clean, decentralized energy can act as a catalyst for job creation and in turn accelerate green recovery.

6 October 2020

Pitching to Perfection by Chand Das

The exclusive webinar for iPitch Applicants demonstrated the key features a pitch deck should include while presenting to impact investors.

25 September 2020

Behind the Scenes: iPitch 2020 Decoded

A deep dive into what is unique about Villgro's annual deal discovery platform iPitch this year and why entrepreneurs should apply.

20 August 2020

Digital Agriculture: Democratizing Agriculture Markets

The webinar highlights the scope of digitization in agriculture and the role of Agritech innovators in democratizing agriculture markets.

30 July 2020

Digital Health: Myth or Reality?

Panelists evaluate how the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for inventors to take the lead in the digital dispensation of healthcare across the globe.

29 May 2020

Impact of Covid-19 – The Incubators Roundtable

The webinar evaluates the impact of COVID-19 on social incubators across India. Panelists highlight the effects on incubators supporting women entrepreneurs and other sectors.

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