About the program

The 12th edition of Unconvention – ‘Making it Possible’ was launched in February, 2022 virtually and stayed true to its mission to pave pathways to knowledge, resources, finance, and markets.


Established by Villgro in 2009, Unconvention is a confluence of stakeholders in the field of social entrepreneurship to share knowledge, inspire and network with each other with the common goal of creating business solutions for people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Outcomes of Unconvention 2022


Highlighted the significance of market-based innovations to create scalable impact and dignified livelihoods


Created a conducive environment to support sustainable & viable business models in India


Demonstrated our competence and success in scaling up social enterprises

Themes at Unconvention 2022

Week 1

On-ground action on Climate Action & Circularity

Week 2

Harnessing Capital & Markets for Good

Week 3

Making Healthcare Accessible & Affordable




313 attendees


6 sessions conducted


3 invite-only sessions conducted


4 ecosystem partners

Sponsors at Unconvention:

Ecosystem Partners:

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