We walk in the shoes of our entrepreneurs in order to truly deliver high-touch incubation.

Bharat Krushi Seva

Bharat Krushi Seva, is on a mission to drive the mass adoption of Digital Agriculture by helping farmers make more informed decisions and focus on precision farming. Bharat Krushi Seva’s tech-based advisory helps farmers to reduce their total production cost and increase their quality yield.

Ekatvam Innovations

Ekatvam is working in the agri-water tech space aiming at providing data-centric water management solutions to village communities and key decision-makers

Aana crop Solutions Private Limited

Aana Crop Solutions is a 2-year-old young start-up, working in the ag-tech domain with an aim to improve the Rice growers' standard of living by way of increasing their return on investment. Their target segment being Rice farms, Aana tries to provide end to end solutions in the long run, across the rice value chain.

Occipital Technologies

Occipital Technologies (Agrograde) works on standardizing quality in fresh produce by automating quality assessment and sorting. They leverage AI through mobile applications and sorting machines to assess the quality of fruits and vegetables to take informed actions at every node of the supply chain. 


ONganic works directly with organic small holder certified grower groups in East & North East India through seed to shelf model. ONganic's vision is a better livelihood for farmers, health & wellness for consumers, and a sustainable planet and provides complete traceability across its value chain.  

myHarvest Farms

A farm to home platform improving farmer livelihoods and making safe, healthy food accessible.  


Cultyvate helps farmers cultivating banana, grape, pomegranate, paddy and sugarcane crops to increase profit and save upto 50% water by providing AI and IoT based farm and crop specific irrigation advisory and solutions


Kritsnam aims to empower nations with data-driven water resource management solutions. Their focus is on sustainable use of freshwater in agriculture, industrial and domestic consumption.


Modernizing farming with indigenous solutions to local problems.


An enterprise dedicated towards developing quality analysis solutions for businesses that help analyse the quality of agricultural produce non-invasively.


Bharat Rohan is a tech enabled integrated agri value chain company providing farm advisory (nutrition, pest and disease), quality inputs, post harvest processing, quality assurance and market linkage for Mentha, Potato and Paddy crops.


Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Private Limited is a Pune based for–profit social impact start-up that aims to develop disruptive and innovative products using cutting edge IT, IoT, Robotics, Mobile technologies for environmental sustainability.


Krimanshi is an award winning social enterprise working in dairy input innovations to manufacture high quality animal feeds from surplus agriculture and food residues. Krimanshi is based out of Rajasthan.


Freshr is disrupting the fish & meat industry in eastern India by creating an integrated aggregation and distribution model, with farms, farmer networks, logistics, storage points, rural hubs and state-of-the-art FSSAI certified urban retail outlets.


Kamal Kisan develops affordable agricultural equipment for small farmers.


Promethean has developed a rapid milk chilling machine that is now used by leading dairy companies deployed in villages


UTMT develops a  unique range of organic honey for retail and bee-keeping solutions that improve farm earnings.


Skymet is India’s first private weather forecasting company that delivers forecasts to farmers via mobile phones


Masuta designed a tasar yarn making machine that can increase productivity by 200% to 800%


Farm Harvest is a farm to folk company in the business of producing sweet corn and popcorn through the community of farmers and further processing and distributing them through wholesale, retail channels and micro-entrepreneurs.

Dr SafeHands

Dr SafeHands is a digital health platform for sexual health and wellness. 


A feminine care & hygiene startup that makes sustainable products. 


An AI-enabled Coach for mental and emotional wellness that provides early intervention to high-risk groups. 

Project Baala

Project Baala is a Delhi based organisation working on innovative menstrual health solutions primarily in rural India, Nepal, Ghana and Tanzania.


Evolve is the world’s most inclusive mental health platform. 


Boondh is a social enterprise that works specifically on Menstrual Literacy, Policy, Programs and Interventions, M&E, Advocacy and Art Activism. 

Dawaa Dost

Affordable medicines through an offline-online pharmacy. 


An app-based subscription service for birth control pills.


iWill offers context-specific, multilingual mental health support to individuals and families with a strong focus on rural and urban healthcare. 

Newmi Care

Newmi Care is an omnichannel Women Health Lifecycle Management Platform designed to deliver personalized journey based care covering all products & services needs of women

Last Mile Care

1Care offers standardized and affordable primary phygital healthcare services for vulnerable populations at affordable costs.


CancerMitr is a patient-centric community platform for quick access to affordable cancer care providing end-to-end cancer solutions from discovery to recovery.

Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise eliminates the cost, quality and social barriers to sexual and reproductive health through technology, via a mobile app that provides an instant symptom assessment, doctor's consultation, testing and community support chat rooms.

PadCare Labs

PadCare is a leading fem-tech platform with a mission to achieve sustainable development goals while ensuring the wellness of female employees. With its patented menstrual hygiene services PadCare Labs is recycling 1 million sanitary napkins and saving >150 MT GHG emissions.

Greendelight Innovations Private Limited

Greendelight Innovations Private Limited is a social enterprise on a Mission to reduce plastic waste created by feminine hygiene products by manufacturing eco-friendly and healthy feminine hygiene products made of Kenaf Fibre in the brand name called Bliss Natural that's not just beneficial to women but also to the environment. Bliss Natural is a Biobased Certified feminine hygiene product that started as a student startup. It is now available in 5 countries, and they have a customer base of 25000+ women in India alone.


GetIntimacy is a sexual wellness platform spreading awareness and offering affordable treatment options to our clients and users with our panel of sexual wellness experts. We also have a range of sexual wellbeing courses focusing on specific problem areas of clients such as porn addiction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, marriage 101, these courses are self-paced and can be accessed by the user in the privacy of their home, a key concern while accessing services on sexual wellness.


StandWeSpeak is a youth-centric, health-tech venture that blends Artificial-Intelligence with expert support to help them make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.


ThatMate is an end-to-end ecosystem that leverages technology to help teens make informed choices

Uvi Health

Uvi is a digital health platform that offers specialized services for reproductive & sexual health concerns to women. Uvi offers affordable, science-backed subscription plans and diagnostics services to women, starting at ₹999.

Sunfox Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sunfox's product Spandan is a small and smart ECG machine with inbuilt AI for interpretation. It records, monitors, and diagnoses heart diseases, and detects 40+ abnormalities including rhythm disorder and heart attack at 1/10th cost without any expertise. The device does not need a battery or internet connection.


Ameliorate has developed innovative technologies to address the unmet needs in early-stage diagnostics, Bio-Similars and Nutraceuticals. Their product ASSURED (Affordable Sensitive Specific User-Friendly Rapid Equipment Free Device) is a single device for detection of three most prevalent vector (mosquito) borne diseases - Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue.


Janitri develops cutting edge medical device technologies in maternal and child healthcare. The device is an affordable, easy to use & portable uterine contraction monitoring device for low resources healthcare settings.


Yostra provides affordable screening, diagnostics and greater healthcare access to BoP diabetic patients.


Spot Healthcare designs non-invasive diagnostic solutions to detect neonatal sepsis which significantly results in reduction of  neonatal mortality.


Neomotion develops devices for physically challenged people and the elderly.


Flexmotiv is an assistive technology product design company working on mobility aid for locomotor disability. They design innovative products for differently-abled which provides them with the freedom to go limitless and lead an independent life.


Redwing designs delivery drones. These drones are capable of Hybrid VTOL flight i.e taking off & landing like a helicopter and then flying like a plane. Redwing Aerospace's solution is able to overcome limitations caused by  difficult terrain and inaccessible areas by using an aerial route of delivery, thereby enabling access.


BeAble Health is a startup committed to enabling health & lives, through design and technology. Their product ArmAble, an innovative game based solution solving a pressing need for intensive, engaging and regular rehabilitation therapy for the upper limb for stroke victims and people suffering from upper limb motor deficit.   


Monc Technologies is a social enterprise that aims to provide high quality and technologically outstanding products and services to restore mobility for people.


5C Network provides the fastest and easiest way for any hospital or diagnostic centre to get a quality radiology report for their patient.  


Adiuvo designs portable diagnostic devices for skin and soft tissue infections. The non-invasive device can detect pathogen presence on skin and soft tissue infections, within minutes, using multi-wavelength fluorescence spectroscopy combined with advanced image processing and machine learning techniques.


Aindra designs affordable devices that can detect cervical cancer.


Nayam has designed an artificial eye implant to treat cataracts and post-surgery vision complications.


Bempu has created  a temperature monitoring device to monitor newborn babies’ health.


OneBreath has developed a portable mechanical ventilator designed for emerging markets.  


Omix created a technology platform that allows cost-effective DNA testing for early diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.


Morphle is developing an affordable one-touch automated microscopic scanner which when coupled with their tele-reporting workflows, can enable remote diagnosis, thereby eliminating the need for the physical presence of qualified pathologists in rural and suburban areas.


Promorph provides actionable, real-time data on RTE mandates by developing & successfully implementing SMART & Intelligent system “EmpowerU”. This ensures that teachers are in the classroom and the resources spent are being used, which in turn drives student engagement.


MadGuy Labs is a mobile based online test-preparation platform for government jobs in vernacular languages. It currently offers services in 4 languages – Kannada, Marathi, Hindi and English.


Skilltrain provides mobile-­based vocational training for youth


Ignus provides tech-­based quality coaching solutions for competitive exams for students in tier-2 cities


Multibhashi is an app to learn languages most effectively and effortlessly. The current version has audio-visual courses and quizzes to learn English from over ten regional languages and vice versa.  


Gapoon is a one-stop maintenance partner for businesses.


Vahan has developed a mobile application to make learning English affordable and accessible


Skillveri provides skills development solutions using gamified simulation  


Scholowiz provides teacher/professional development programs to schools


Medhavi Foundation provides career counselling to students from lower income backgrounds.


iTeach runs a teacher training fellowship to help improve learning outcomes in low cost schools  


ESDECS has been addressing needs in education and employability by devising innovative and affordable solution


Adhyayan has developed a framework for self-review that results in systemic school improvement.


Blackboard Radio is an AI-powered personalized spoken English coach. It enables conversational-English mastery by providing interactive, personalized instruction over a basic smartphone to young children from all socio-economic backgrounds, opening the door to a lifetime of improved employment opportunities.

Recycler India (SalTech)

Creates circularity by deploying advanced closed-loop recycling technology to extract maximum value out of waste.


JalSevak Solutions solves sewage disposal problems by recycling household greywater for use in toilet flushing and gardening.


Jalodbust is currently addressing the challenge of manual scavenging in India through innovative, mechanized solutions that pumps high density fecal and sanitary sludge from leach-pits, septic tanks and manholes.

KNP Arises

KNP Arises collects used cooking oils and fats from restaurants and pays them. Then it converts those oils into biodiesel.


Bintix is a waste-management start-up that adopts technology to power socially inclusive waste-management solutions from collecting waste to analyzing it and finally ensuring environmentally-safe end-processing.  

Modcave Shelter Tech Pvt Ltd.

Modcave is a shelter-tech startup that provides a pre-fabricated, modular, temporary shelter. Modcave’s shelters are foldable—decreasing the total volume occupied during transportation by more than 4x, saving up to 90% of logistics and storage costs compared to traditional alternatives. 


ECOWRAP is a tech-based reverse supply chain model solely focused on waste segregation at the source and follows a 4-degree primary source segregation method, it facilitates the users with free dustbins, training, and decentralized and tech-enabled door-step waste collection service. 

RuKart Technologies

RuKart is an Agritech startup founded in 2019, with the vision of developing an economically profitable and environmentally sustainable farm ecosystem. We focus on developing scalable green solutions that contribute to poverty eradication (SDG 1), affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), and economic growth (SDG 8) locally.


Katidhan is ‌a technology startup that looks at building high-impact technological products focused on bringing about positive climate change solutions. Katidhan builds relevant tech solutions with the potential to reduce the economic losses faced in agriculture due to wildlife attacks and also potentially reduce the alarming human-animal conflict.

NAVANC Datasciences Pvt Ltd

NAVANC aims to create a credit-worthy score for each piece of land that is mortgageable within the framework of law and fair market value to enable better credit facilities for businesses and individuals to prove their creditworthiness,  in tier 2 and 3 cities in India.

Carbon Craft Design Pvt Ltd

Carbon Craft design is a Hubli-based design and material innovation company, started in 2016, solving the air pollution problem by upcycling the rCB (recovered carbon black) to a climate-positive carbon tile.

Strawcture Eco Private Ltd

Strawcture Eco develops innovative, commercially viable alternative construction materials (engineered panels) which mitigate the continuous depletion of natural resources while integrating agri-waste streams in the value chain which support the livelihood of farmers. 

Raheja Solar Food Processing Pvt Ltd

Post-harvest losses in India amount to at least 30 billion USD loss every year. Raheja Solar was started 4 years ago with the intent of solving this critical problem and uplifting the farmers by reducing their post-harvest losses.

Bandhu Urban Technologies India Private Limited

Bandhu is on a mission to transform the unorganized labour sector in emerging markets like India, and to bring greater transparency and data-driven analytics to the ecosystem - enriching the livelihoods of millions of low-income workers in the process.

Greenjams Buildtech Private Limited

Greenjams objective is to create a beautiful carbon-neutral built environment through material innovation. Greenjams create carbon-negative building materials from crop residues and industrial by-products. Their flagship innovation Agrocrete® helps reduce the cost of construction by up to 50% and improves the building energy efficiency by up to 25%.

Zerund Manufacturing Private Limited

Zerund brick is known as Plastic Embedded Lightweight Brick - is a patented lightweight brick of Zerund Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. Industrial production of this sophisticated building material will start in the year 2018 in Guwahati, India.

New Leaf Dynamic Technologies Pvt Ltd

New Leaf Dynamic Technologies Pvt Ltd, was started in 2012 with a vision to provide access to affordable refrigeration facilities across India without depending on unreliable grid power or diesel dependent sets. Locally available biomass & farm waste is used as fuel - to run cold rooms throughout the year, in turn, providing farmers and micro-enterprises access to prolonged refrigeration. In doing so, they enable the prolongation of the shelf life of perishable products.

S4S Technologies

S4S Technologies is a food preservation company which focuses on innovating food processors - including dehydrators. S4S aims to tackle the problems faced by both the grower - the farmers & also the Industrial Customers – the Food & Beverage Industry. The machines manufactured by S4S are sold to farmers directly or used at their own facility to produce the best quality processed food. S4S Technologies works with a range of partners to create a sustainable supply of processed food products.


Charzer is India’s biggest and most trusted provider of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Charzer's flagship product “Kirana Charzer” can be installed at any place - such as a shop, restaurant, hotel or mall. The charging stations can be used with the Charzer App. Through its innovative approach - Charzer is converting neighbourhood Kiranas, cafes, restaurants, malls and even tea shops into Electric Vehicle charging stations — in turn creating a vast EV charging station network.

Mudita & Radhesh

Mudita & Radhesh upcycle the waste chicken feathers into premium fabric and apparel with their patent-protected process of extraction, spinning, and weaving Butchery Chicken Waste (BCW).

Devidayal Solar Solution Pvt Ltd

Devidayal Solar Solutions focuses on design, sales and distribution of solutions in the distributed renewable energy space. The  flagship product of the company  is solar powered efficient refrigeration systems that are used for income generating activities.

Dharambir Food Processing

Dharambir has developed a portable, multi-purpose processing machine useful in processing of fruits, herbs, and seeds. It also works as a big pressure cooker with temperature control and auto cut-off facility. It offers condensation mechanism, which helps in extraction of essence and oil from flowers, seed, and medicinal plants

Greenwear Fashion Private Limited 

Greenwear provides market linkages to the yarns produced on Solar Charkhas by rural women through a decentralized textile value chain powered by renewable energy resources.


Khethworks designs, develops, and delivers highly efficient solar pumps that unlock year-round irrigation, cultivation, and income generation for smallholder farmers.

Resham Sutra

Resham Sutra develops innovative machines for rural textile producers and supports creation of farm to retail value chains for better rural livelihoods.


 Hydrogreens designs climate control solutions that improve farmers' income, sustainably. 


CoolCrop creates decentralized solar cold storage systems and predictive market analytics to enable small and marginal farmers get better prices for their perishable harvest. 

Ziptrax Cleantech

Ziptrax works on repurposing and recycling Lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicle and other applications.

Sheru (Seygnux Solutions Private Limited)

Sheru provides battery swapping service to E-Rickshaws, empowering them to increase their earnings by adopting an innovative model of pay per km as opposed to paying per swap. This leads to an increase of almost 100% of per day utilization of the E-rickshaws.


Oorja is an energy services company in the business of replacing diesel engines with affordable, reliable solar energy systems for productive power in rural markets. Their first service, Oonnati, provides irrigation water on a pay-per-use basis to smallholder farmers.


Bombay Bijlee has developed a a smart solar energy harvester, storage and delivery device, with self-diagnostic hardware and back end cloud software system. The Bijlee Box also includes a free of cost television set made in-house, from refurbished e-waste of old desktop monitors. This serves as an attractive value proposition for the aspirations of rural households  


Delectrik has developed Energy Storage systems based on redox flow battery chemistry which are very low cost, sustainable and suitable for Commercial, Industrial and Utility scale applications.


GARV Toilets is a smart sanitation solutions company which extends the basic hygiene services to the last mile communities in underserved urban and peri-urban areas through its Smart Hygiene Centers.


Doorastha brings affordable 24×7 access to electricity through solar micro-grids with a flexible payment model, with an automated monitoring solution to drive optimal utilization which is a key for sustainability of remote assets like solar micro-grids.


BattiGhar partners with an entity with a prototype to take their prototype from lab to livelihood, and develops the business model, brand, supply chain and financial linkages to enable last mile entrepreneurs to earn a livelihood. It also engages in identifying last mile entrepreneurs and their capacity building. The technology from the lab is chosen based on its ability to impact livelihoods and its ability to be powered by clean energy.


Sustaintech has developed smokeless, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly commercial cook stoves


Sustain Earth has a low-cost biogas solution for rural households. 


Ecozen has developed solar powered micro cold storage system for agricultural and rural communities


Micro-pelletising based biomass fuel supply enterprise


Simpa creates innovative solutions to make energy accessible and affordable


Seed increase incomes of rural farmers by developing affordable and sustainable conservation products and services.