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Temperature monitoring device to better manage newborn babies’ health

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"I wanted to create something that would have a massive impact. If you make a difference to a baby, it actually affects the next 60–80 years of their life."
– Ratul Narain, founder, BEMPU .

The Entrepreneur

Ratul Narain has a Bachelor’s in Biomechanical engineering and a Masters dehree in mechanical engineering from Stanford. He worked at Johnson and Johnson’s for six years in the cardiovascular space followed with a year at Embrace Innovations in the neonatal health space. In 2013, Ratul journeyed across India to carry out on-ground field research identify the gaps in neonatal healthcare in India, which led him to set up Bempu.

The Challenge

Hypothermia and infection are among the top causes of newborn deaths. Regular temperature monitoring can enable early intervention. However, seemingly simple temperature monitoring often goes overlooked in areas where nurses are few and parents are uneducated.

The Innovation

BEMPU is developing an intuitive neonatal temperature monitor that empowers mothers or other caretakers to better manage their newborn's temperature and be alerted in case of these conditions thereby preventing such death and illness.

The Impact

Eight out of the 27 million babies born in India are underweight (less than 2.5kg). In India, low birthweight babies are discharged even at 1.2 kg. These babies are at high risk for many issues, two of which are hypothermia and infections. Detection of neonatal hypothermia at the right stage by continuous temperature monitoring will reduce neonatal morbidity. And continuous monitoring at home will make doctors more likely to discharge at risk babies earlier.

The Bempu bracelet needs to be prescribed by a doctor and is currently available in about 150 centres across 11 states in India. Villgro has worked with BEMPU to pilot the device and bring it to market.