Mentoring & Technical Assistance

Our mentors and technical assistance partners play a pivotal role in setting our startups up for success.


Villgro’s low-bono mentoring program gets our social entrepreneurs access to subject experts. These mentors leverage their sector and business experiences to offer valuable insights into building successful business models, networking with investors and facilitating fruitful negotiations.

Our mentoring program has been rated the most valuable incubation tool by our incubatees. We have a rich pool of seasoned professionals who are passionate about social entrepreneurship, and our milestone-based agreements with mentors ensures a targeted approach to mentoring.

In 2019

16 Mentors

621.4 hours

24 Entrepreneurs

Technical assistance

For challenges that require a specific and intense burst of effort to get things right, we have the Technical Assistance program. The Technical Assistance program is designed for solving critical issues that build long term value for the company. Financial modeling, setting up accounting processes, IP registrations, and product design support are some of the areas that our entrepreneurs have sought for technical assistance in.

In 2019, Villgro facilitated 19 Technical Assistance engagements between 13 service providers and entrepreneurs.

In 2019


Villgro facilitated Technical
Assistance Engagements


Service Providers and