Administrator | September 1, 2014

Launch of Touchpoint beta – An interactive survey tool for small businesses

Villgro and Uniphore Software Systems have just launched the beta (and for now FREE) version of a interactive automated voice survey tool for small businesses.

Touchpoint allows people to select from a range of survey templates for product and service feedback in Tamil, Hindi, and English, and manage the recorded results. The survey logic responds to simple voice commands and open-ended responses can be saved as playlists of sound clips.

The beta will be open for 6 weeks (until October 15) or until 40,000 talk-minutes have been used, whichever comes first. All we're asking is that people who use it be open to sharing feedback with our market research partners. We'll upgrade and relaunch as a low-fee service soon after the beta.

Check it out here: http://mcas.uniphore.com/TouchPoint/

Also have a look at this introductory presentation and user manual