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Krimanshi is an award winning social enterprise working in dairy input innovations to manufacture high quality animal feeds from surplus agriculture and food residues. Krimanshi is based out of Rajasthan.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Jodhpur, Rajasthan Sector Agribusiness Sub-sector Dairy Sector
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

“Simplifying cattle nutrition for higher milk production”
- Nikhil Bohra

The Entrepreneur

Nikhil Bohra is the Founder and CEO of Krimanshi. He has researched cultivating and harvesting micro-algae as an alternative food and has developed unique formulation for animal feeds for increasing milk production. He has over seven years of experience working in program management, trainings and monitoring and evaluation with NGOs under projects from European Union, JICA and World Bank, and social enterprises functioning across environmental conservation, nutrition, water, sanitation and health.

The Challenge

India is the largest milk producer in the world, most of which comes from 100 million small and marginal dairy farmer households who are fast becoming unprofitable. They try to feed the best available feeds and fodder to cattle. With skyrocketing feed and grain cost, it is even difficult for farmers to meet actual nutritional requirements of cattle and hence they remain underfed. Reduced grazing coupled with intermittent feeding practices makes the cattle unproductive causing severe economic loss to farmers. As per Department of Agriculture in India, the national shortfall accounts to 40% for dry fodder, 36% for green fodder and 57% for concentrate feed.

The Solution

Krimanshi aims to provide affordable nutritive feed solutions for cattle to the small dairy farmers all-round the year without any compromise on quality. They do it by upcycling food waste into low-cost nutritious cattle feeds and fodder. They collect food wastes from Agri hubs in form of fruit leaves, crushed fruits, vegetable waste etc. and process them into different types of feeds. They currently manufacture 4 different products which are:

Silage: It is the green fodder compacted and stored in airtight conditions to ferment and maintain nutritional qualities.

Fodder: Azolla is manufactured by using waste cow dung and natural salts and calcium and, is all organic in use. Azolla is a boon for dairy and rich in digestible proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Concentrate Feeds: They manufacture concentrate feeds through inclusion of fruit wastes.

Mineral Mixes: They dry the fruit wastes and Azolla leftovers under sun and mix them with organic salt and calcium to form all organic mineral mixtures.

The Impact

Krimanshi’s primary beneficiaries are the low income dairy farmers who are always looking for cheaper feed alternatives, cannot afford high protein dairy feed, and are therefore unable to sustain profitable milk production. These typical dairy farmers own 2 to 10 cattle each along with some goats. They usually end up spending highly on cattle upkeep compared to earnings from milk production.

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