Administrator | February 3, 2017

Investing in the future of healthcare


The problem

India’s Dual Disease Burden
By 2030, India’s population of people aged 60 and over is projected to grow by 64%.
The urban population is expected to more than double. As lifestyle diseases rise, India is yet to overcome challenges posed by communicable diseases, maternal and child health. This co-existence of communicable and non-communicable diseases is India’s dual disease burden.
Making preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical inventions accessible and affordable to the masses remains a challenge.

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The opportunity
The projected worth of the Indian healthcare market by 2020 is USD 280 billlion from a current worth of USD 100 billion. This is a CAGR of 22.9%, exhibiting tremendous sustainable opportunity in the long run.
Rising income levels, an ageing population, growing health awareness and a rapidly shifting disease pattern from acute to chronic will be the key drivers of healthcare demand in the future.
Conducive government policies, advances in artificial intelligence, skilled healthcare providers and cost advantages have helped the healthcare industry attract US$ 397 million in equity in 2016.

The solution
Innovative healthcare delivery products and services that can bring access to quality healthcare in resource-poor settings.
Scalable businesses lead by committed entrepreneurs with the potential to have large-scale, sustainable impact.

Menterra Social Impact Fund is seeking out med-tech entrepreneurs looking for investment and support to scale their businesses .

* You are a for-profit social enterprise
* Your focus is on maternal and child Health, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases – leading to improved access, reduced cost and improved quality of life
* You have a prototype, a complimentary core team and IP potential
* You are looking for early-stage, seed investment

What you get
* Seed investment of up to Rs 3 crore from the Menterra Social Impact Fund
* High-touch mentoring from medical and health experts
* Valuable inputs and support from portfolio managers
* Access to networks and downstream investors

Apply now to the Menterra Social Impact Fund: http://www.menterra.com/apply.html