Sukriti Somvanshi | July 3, 2017

Interviewing Devi Murthy

Could you please give a brief description of your enterprise?

Kamal Kisan was established in 2013. We develop, manufacture and sell a series of cost-effective farm equipment especially targeted towards small farm owners (

At what stage in Kamal Kisan’s journey did Ramkey and Rama join you?

Rama joined us at the pre-production stage. We were pretty much the Cat on the wall at that time! She helped us in the ideation process and was there at some of the most difficult times. I remember the time when Villgro was about to pull the plug on us and I cannot thank Rama enough for giving us the right push. What followed was a period of introspection. Paul was inspirational as well. He kept reminding me to not lose touch with my customers and that motivated me to go on field a lot more than I did.
On the other hand, Ramkey joined us at a commercial stage and he brought with him discipline and focus. He was a hard taskmaster and I will always be grateful to him for that.

How did Rama and Ramkey add value to your business?

Rama held my hand through the most emotionally and professionally turbulent times. She offered her shoulder for me to lean on and just vent and discuss and debate and explore my ideas. In her, I gained a friend for life.
Ramkey fulfilled the market needs. He focused a lot on cashflow management and cost cutting. He sat down with me to make a dashboard so we could use data analytics more efficiently. He also ensured that I have a lean team. He made me see how a business makes sense only if it is profitable.
So, while Rama filled the emotional and psychological chasm, Ramkey filled the practical one. I lucked out with these two!

Did they impact you on a personal level?

Yes, both in their own ways. Rama boosted my self-confidence when I needed it the most, stood by me like a rock, and even jolted me when needed. Ramkey brought in so much focus, energy and discipline with him. In our hour-long meetings, he would just talk, talk and talk, and I would keep making mental notes. So much knowledge and information he shared!
So, let’s put it this way- If Rama says Jump, I’ll jump. If Ramkey says Jump, I’ll calculate the speed first!

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