Incubation Playbook

We document our learnings and actively share them with the wider ecosystem.

One Villgro is not enough. If we are to create impact at scale that we dream of, it is achievable only if we share our knowledge and resources with as many others as possible. We created the Incubation Playbook using our knowledge and experience of the last 20 years to help other fledgling incubators become strong agents of change.

The Incubation Playbook is designed with 4 comprehensive modules to guide one through the extensive process of setting up an incubator for social enterprises. Each module comprises customizable templates and resources designed to provide a thorough understanding of each step.

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Module I: Setting up an incubator

Acclimatizes the reader with the initial steps involved in setting up an incubator such as the importance of selecting the right location, identifying key stakeholders and conducting a diagnostic of the country’s ecosystem.

Module II: Incubation Cycle

Details the steps involved in incubating social enterprises. One of the key features of incubation is to ensure that social enterprises have the necessary tools to boost their operations. Each enterprise is unique and so are its requirements - the incubator should be able to offer an array of services best suited for the enterprise.

Module III: Operating an Incubator

An incubator is as strong as its relationships with other stakeholders in the ecosystem. A healthy organizational culture along with strategic planning to evaluate the metrics for monitoring progress and evaluating one’s own impact is key to maintaining an effective system. The third module describes the necessary steps involved to build an efficient and effective symbiotic relationship with each stakeholder.

Module IV: Incubation Governance

Focused on the framework for setting up an incubator. Each role within the incubator and the interconnectedness between governance and management is defined.

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