Administrator | November 18, 2014

Incubatee spotlight: VectorDoc

This our second post in a series profiling our new incubatee companies, featuring Vincent TP of VectorDoc

Vincent of VectorDoc

What does your company do?
YantraMind focuses on Artificial Intelligence-based solutions and VectorDoc is its healthcare platform that enables healthcare delivery in resource-constrained areas. The platform addresses key areas like disease diagnosis, triaging, emergency handling, healthcare workflow and collaboration, disease surveillance etc. The target segments are rural/urban poor areas and hospitals to optimise the limited bandwidth of doctors by leveraging healthcare workers.

Why are you excited about this space?
To address the issue of low doctor density in India, we are bringing a solution that can leverage healthcare workers. Our work is aimed at making a significant impact in rural healthcare and is also creating new jobs or enhanced roles for healthcare workers.


What is innovative about your product?
Most existing healthcare solutions start with connecting to the doctor or diagnosis with the doctor as the starting point. VectorDoc aims to address the previous step of looking into patient’s symptoms and vitals and making decisions regarding the diseases and its criticality and whether it can be handled by a healthcare worker – like ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers or RMP (Rural Medical Practitioner) or other healthcare professionals who are not doctors. The platform can also make decisions on when to escalate the case to the doctor and route the case to the right specialist. It also helps in seamlessly connecting the healthcare worker, doctor and hospital as part of the workflow.

This will enable healthcare workers in rural areas to offer high quality service by leveraging the limited and precious time of doctors from other parts of the country. The key IP that we bring to the mix is the artificial intelligence-based diagnostics decision-making. The innovation is both in the platform and its technology implementation to keep cost to a minimum.

What is the impact you want to have?
We want VectorDoc to be the platform for all healthcare workers and doctors to collaborate to deliver high-quality healthcare to rural and urban poor areas.

How do you think Villgro will help?
Villgro has rich experience in guiding entrepreneurs building profitable and sustainable organisations with  social objectives. We are especially looking for guidance and mentorship in this. They will also provide connections to thought leaders in this space and offer a platform for sharing knowledge, challenges and solutions across the network of social enterprises similar to us.

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