Administrator | March 21, 2017

Incubatee spotlight: Spot Health

What does your company do?
Spot Healthcare Solutions is primarily aimed at making healthcare simpler. We are trying to make diagnostics affordable and more accessible to everyone. What we offer is a panel of devices and kits for different diagnostic needs in maternal and child health.

How did it come about?
Spot Healthcare Solutions was created after working extensively on the problem of neonatal sepsis during my Sparsh fellowship at Venture Center, Pune. The company was created to understand further in depth the needs and challenges that Indian rural healthcare currently has, more extensively. It has a vision of making healthcare patient-centric.

Why are you excited about this space?
The kind of impact that we want to have, comes at the end of a long road but medicine is a sector that is constantly changing, constantly throwing up new challenges and there can never be one solution that is a perfect-fit for a problem. Medicine and healthcare demand continuous and constant development and upgradations and yet experience slow tech influx and an even slower adoption rate. It is this challenge that excites us most about this space.

What is innovative about your service?
We aim to change the age-long protocols in clinical practices that demand longer wait times, higher costs and elaborate laboratories. That is where our innovation comes in, in making the available technology more intuitive, easier and repeatable.

What is the impact you want to have?
We want to bring down the rates of neonatal mortality and maternal mortality by more than 50%. We also want to help and enable parents and mothers understand their own health and their child’s health to make informed decisions.

What successes and challenges have you seen till now and what is next?
In our interactions with doctors, nurses, mothers and other stakeholders, we have been questioned and challenged several times from the basic premise of our technology to the implementation and adoption of the same with stakeholders. During a number of these interactions we have been able to convince and have stakeholders unanimously agree on the pressing need to replace current protocols with simpler tools and diagnostics. We aim to take our learnings from here and create better product platforms which are continuously improving.

What keeps you motivated?
The fact that we aren’t close to achieving the impact goals that we have set for ourselves and the understanding that we need to keep developing and innovating till it’s met.

How do you think Villgro will help?
Villgro has an amazing network of social entrepreneurs who care about similar causes and are also working towards improving health conditions for rural Indian population. We are looking forward to interact with such people, understand the needs and challenges from their perspective and collaboratively build solutions that benefit and are accessible to everyone.