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Flybird Innovations

Flybird Farm Innovations

Affordable smart irrigation controller that helps farmers improve yields

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Irrigation solutions
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

“Farmers can now irrigate the fields precisely and exclusively.”
-K.S. Satish, Founder, Flybird Farm Innovations.

The Entrepreneur

K.S. Satish has a Master’s degree in embedded system design from Manipal University. He worked as a software engineer at Bharat Electronics before working in HCL and IronBird Tech Labs. It was while he was helping to farm a piece of family-owned land that he came up with his idea of an irrigation controller.

The Challenge

Irrigation controllers are typically unaffordable for small and marginal farmers, which means that they have to manually control water flow, often in the middle of the night when power is available, or employ a laborer to do so. Manual control often means that they do not water their crops with the correct amount of water, lowering yields and reducing their income. There didn’t exist a precise method of irrigation that could keep a check on all these factors.

The Solution

A low-cost irrigation controller that helps farmers irrigate their farms accurately, increasing yields and quality. The controller offers a variety of options for control including time, volume and moisture sensors, at a significantly lower cost than competitive offerings, and can easily integrate into existing systems.

The Impact

Irrigation controllers are unaffordable by small and marginal farmers who must manually operate their pumping systems. Electricity supply is often erratic which leads to their often depending on hired labor. Erratic monsoons and falling water tables have brought an urgency to their need to preserve water and irrigate fields precisely. Flybird’s products have made this possible at a fraction of the cost of equally sophisticated controller systems developed by large irrigation firms.

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