Diversity & Inclusion

We have redrawn our approach to reflect diversity and inclusion across our people, processes and programs.

Gender Inclusion is our primary focus area within D&I

Increasing Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Incubating Women-led Enterprises: We work with partners who believe in the merit of supporting women-led enterprises as much as we do. We pay attention to garnering a rich pipeline of women entrepreneurs and are mindful of maintaining the gender ratio of our portfolio.
  • Connecting Women Entrepreneurs with Incubators & Impact Investors: Our annual discovery platform - iPitch - is designed to ensure higher possibilities for women entrepreneurs to receive access to capital.

Impacting Women & Girls at the BoP

  • Incubating Enterprises That Impact Women & Girls: Our incubation focus areas such as maternal & child health, NCDs such as cervical cancer, etc reflect the importance we give to startups that solve problems for women and girls at the BoP.
  • Increasing Livelihood Opportunities for Women through our Incubatees: We run programs such as Powering Livelihoods which have specific targets towards increasing livelihood opportunities for women.

Creating Workplace

  • Women in Leadership: We have increased the number of women on our Board of Advisors by 50% in the last 2 years. We are investing in leadership development and coaching to increase the number of women on our Leadership Team.
  • Hiring & Retention: We consciously hire women that are returning to the work-force. Our HR policies are adaptive to the needs of working mothers.

Our Impact on Women & Girls in 2019

2100 women screened for cervical cancer

14000 pregnant women monitored

2128 livelihoods created for women

Our Partners in Increasing Access to Capital for Women