Business Value of Impact

We are tenacious about putting our theory of change to practice.

Our Theory of Change

Read about how our Theory of Change has been put into practice here.

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The Business Value of Impact

Measurements of lives benefited or financial returns generated are clearly understood in isolation. The challenge has been in the monitoring and demonstration of business and financial benefit while creating impact. Villgro works to measure the impact our entrepreneurs create through globally accepted SDG and IRIS metrics but simultaneously, have been disaggregating this data to monitor business performance.

Through our monitoring and evaluation efforts, we demonstrate impact on society while the business value for our entrepreneurs is enhanced; to prove that their business models are viable over the long term.

  • The businesses we support work across value chains.
  • Some of them directly benefit communities.
  • A few strengthen critical infrastructure required to serve these communities – like hospitals, primary healthcare centres and state level resource management centres.
  • Others enhance the ability of small producers to spend less, add more value, reduce losses and ultimately earn more.
  • Then there are those that are directly working to optimize use of natural resources, reduce waste, emissions and minimize environmental impact and emissions.

We work to combine evidence of this real world impact with mainstream commercial viability.

Read more about our work through the case studies and impact reports. As always, our methods continuously get refined as our knowledge improves. If you have suggestions, ideas or questions on how we can do our M&E work better, please write to us.