About Us

The power of innovation combined with entrepreneurship in order to impact under-served populations.

Our Mission

Villgro was founded in 2001 by Paul Basil, with a mission to create impactful, innovative and successful social enterprises.

Core to our work is the belief that market based models are a powerful way to solve social problems and create impact at scale. By capacitating these models with the right resources and knowledge, they are a sustainable way of creating lasting social impact.

Our Values


We walk in the shoes of our entrepreneurs and partners


We embrace uncertainty, ambition and believe in limitless possibilities


We take initiative and capitalize on opportunities

Demonstrating Integrity

We are transparent, candid and honest in our dealings

Our Story

In 2001, as a pioneering social enterprise incubator in India, the recipe for incubation success was yet unwritten. With a passionate young team, inspiring leadership, an accomplished Board of Advisors, and partners who truly walked the distance with us, we spent many years refining our incubation model. Twenty years and working with over 300 entrepreneurs has perfected our incubation technique and attuned it to the needs of the innovative early stage companies that we work with.

As we became seasoned members of the social enterprise ecosystem through the years, we grew zealous about contributing to it through meaningful knowledge and networking products. iPitch and Unconvention – home-grown ideas by Villgroers were conceptualized to create symbiosis between entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders. Over the last 4 years they have evolved into some of the most purposeful platforms for social entrepreneurs in India.

We also live with the awareness that one Villgro is not enough to create impact at the scale that we envisage. We share our experiences and knowledge with as many others as possible, and have trained numerous other incubators in our model.