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5C Network

5C Network

5C Network is the fastest and easiest way for any hospital or diagnostic centre to get a quality radiology report for their patient.

Headquarters Bangalore Sector Health
Portfolio Manager Nirupa Rao

“I imagine a world where we can accurately know what’s wrong with us in 15 minutes and get the best treatment possible for it”
- Kalyan Sivasailam, Founder, 5c Network

The Entrepreneur

Kalyan Sivasailam is the CEO of 5C Network. Kalyan started 5C Network when one of this colleagues was admitted into a hospital in Bangalore and the MRI scan report took 2 days to come.

The Challenge

Diagnosis is considered as 3/4ths of the remedy, and radiodiagnosis today is the most important and commonly required form of diagnosis for almost every sort of ailment. A large population in India does not have access to fast and high quality medical radiodiagnosis which leads to delayed diagnosis and related complications, or makes patients travel for many days in order to get access to fast and high quality diagnosis. For many, this involves high travel cost and loss of wages, apart from higher costs of medical tests in metro cities. More than 50% of Deaths in non-metro cities are due to delayed diagnosis or diagnosis that did not happen due to unavailable facilities.

The Solution

5C is a network of specialist radiologists all over the country, equipped with technology to make sure that every report can be read by the best available radiologist in the fastest time. We make the whole process of radiology extremely easy for everyone involved in the process.
5C runs, which is an online portal that brings together the best radiologists in the country along with cutting edge technology, and allows hospitals and diagnostic centres to upload scans directly to the expert panel in the fastest way. 5C is focused on providing superspecialist interpretations for every scan while building technology to make this faster, more accurate and more consistent.

The Impact

5C’s impact has been profound – 50% reduction in cost for high-quality diagnostic testing, 500% improvement in TAT for cases – saving over 5,00,000 hours of waiting time, and over 10,000 critical cases done, which means that a report was required in less than 15minutes for an immediate intervention by treating doctors.

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