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Adhyayan Framework for self-review that results in systemic school improvement.

Incubated since December 2016 Headquarters Mumbai, India Sector Education
Sub-sector School assessment and self-review Portfolio manager Vikash Jha

“There are 1.56 million schools in India. We want to impact on every one of them so that all children in the country have access to quality education.”
- Kavita Anand, co-founder

The Entrepreneurs

Spokey Wheeler has been an educator and school leader for several decades in the UK and India, including working with corporates to set up schools in Bihar and Jharkhand. Realising the lack of a framework of global good practices for schools, he developed the Adhyayan tool for context-free schools in India.

Kavita Anand has been a leading expert in the education sector in India, where she headed Mumbai’s Shishuvan School for 12 years. Through Adhyayan, she is working with schools leaders across India to create a movement of quality.

The Challenge

Despite the fact that there are 1.56 million schools in India today, there are more mobile phone owners than people who can read and write. The need is of the hour is access to quality education.


Adhyayan provides educators the tools, process and framework for self-review resulting in systemic long-term school improvement. It is based on extensive research on what good schooling looks like around the world and is benchmarked against global best practice.

The Impact

Developed by Roy Blatchford and Spokey Wheeler, contextualized to India by Kavita Anand – school leaders in the UK and India respectively – the Adhyayan Quality Standard was offered as a way to enable a common language of school quality for every school, irrespective of its board affiliation, socio-economic status and geographical location. It is now available in 11 languages.

In the past five years, 285+ schools in 23 states have undertaken the first self-review, establishing their baseline from which they can track progress. Over 3,300 school stakeholders have been trained in school self-review; 150+ school leaders and teachers are certifying themselves as Adhyayan assessors for self-review. Of the schools that have undertaken second round reviews (which takes place after 2 years of the first review), 40% showed an improvement in the level of award received and 80% showed a 10-point progression in the KPA – Teaching and Learning, which focuses on the impact of teaching and learning in schools.

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