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Robotics for farm mechanisation and produce

Incubated Since 2016 Headquarters Bengaluru, India Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Farm mechanisation
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

“I am a practising farmer. When I left my regular corporate job to do something on my own, I decided to solve the pain point I had of labour shortage.”
- Manohar Sambandam, founder, GRoboMac

The Entrepreneur

A physics graduate from MCC, Chennai, and an engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Manohar Sambandam had a long career in the semi-conductor industry. A few years ago, he bought about 12.5 acres of land where he grew cotton. That was when he realised that it was difficult to get workers to pick the cotton pods, giving him the idea to solve this problem for cotton growers in the country.

The Challenge

According to a study conducted by FICCI, a comparison across 2004-05 and 2011-12 shows that the agricultural workforce in India has reduced by 30.57 million people. This situation is likely to worsen, affecting the country’s food security because agriculture will become unviable and farmers have to adopt non-sustainable and un-ecofriendly farming practices.

The Innovation

GRoboMac (Green Robot Machinery Private Limited) is working to mechanize farm tasks by building smart machinery using 3D vision technology and robotics. The company’s first product is a cotton-picking machine that aims at reducing drudgery and dependency on farm labour while maintaining the quality and speed of human picking.

The Impact

Pure mechanical power along cannot be used to mechanize the farm tasks. There needs to be intelligence in the machines as well to make the machines smarter. By building smart machinery by using technology GRoboMac hopes this will become affordable.

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