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Simpa Energy India

Makes energy simple, accessible and affordable

Incubated Since Headquarters Noida Sector Energy Sub-sector Renewable enrgy

"When we provide even four more hours of light each night, we give people more time to work, more time to play, more time to be together, more time for conversation. We not only provide four more hours of light: we provide four more hours of life… every day.”
- Paul Needham, Founder and CEO, Simpa.

The Entrepreneur

Paul Needham holds an M.Phil from Cambridge University, UK and has completed the International Management Programme at Ecole Des Hautes Etudes Commercial (HEC), near Paris, France. He has had experience in working for companies such as Accipiter Solution, aQuantive and Microsoft.

The Challenge

Approximately 1.6 billion people have no access to electricity, worldwide and another 1 billion have extremely unreliable access. The poor depend on kerosene lanterns and battery-powered flashlights for light. This dependence on such sources of energy is expensive, unhealthy, and inefficient. The energy alternatives come with a huge fixed cost. The poor have highly variable disposable incomes which make fixed monthly payments a huge burden.

The Innovation

Simpa has introduced the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model of pricing to households that cannot afford or don’t have access to grid electricity. This along with their ‘Progressive Purchase’ model is a combination of product-embedded hardware plus cloud-based software that enables a consumer to purchase a solar home system at minimal upfront cost and then to make a series of small payments over time – using a mobile phone – to complete the purchase of their system.

The Impact

Solar-powered lighting and cooling dramatically improves the quality of life for energy-poor families and promotes economic activity by enabling small businesses to stay open. Demand for Simpa’s solar-as-a-service model has been very strong in rural villages of Uttar Pradesh, northern India, where Simpa operates. The results have been transformative in these villages where there is now more street life and commerce later into the night. The demand for Simpa’s services will never go down because their belief that energy equals opportunity has been witnessed in villages in UP.

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