Administrator | September 27, 2016


First Energy

Micro-pelletising based biomass fuel supply enterprise

Incubated Since Headquarters Pune Sector Energy Sub-sector Renewable energy

The Entrepreneur

Mukund Deogaonkar is an engineer with an MBA in marketing who has worked for companies such as Castrol India Limited and BP

Mahesh Yagnaraman has an MBA in marketing and finance from XLRI Jamshedpur and has also worked at Castrol, Unilever and BP.

The Challenge

Given the rising costs of LPG and the challenges of distribution in the interior of our country, over 75 million households in the country either have no access to clean energy, or cannot afford it. As a result, they still depend on traditional sources of cooking energy like firewood or agricultural residues on the traditional chulha. Not only does it create indoor air pollution, it is also inefficient in energy conversion.

The Innovation

The Oorja stove is an efficient and low emission stove, while the Oorja Pellet fuel is the first ever agricultural biomass residue-based solid fuel developed for households

The Impact

Oorja’s stove is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to fossil fuel. The demand for it in commercial spaces such as restaurants in semi-urban areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka is high and is potentially said to increase as the prices of LPG increases.

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