Administrator | September 27, 2016

Azadi Inc


An alternate retail channel run by women

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Lucknow,IndiaSector Other Sub-sector Livelihoods

The Entrepreneur

Dhirendra Pratap Singh has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from DU and a Masters in developmental studies from Amity University. He has been a part of organisations such as CAP Foundation, United Way of Delhi and Vidya Grants India before starting Azadi.

The Challenge

Women in rural India don’t have access to essential and high quality healthcare and lifestyle products. It remains a problem because the rural retail infrastructure is mainly male dominated with men acting as the retailers and as the purchasers. Furthermore, the social stigma around topics such as menstruation and the gender inequity in rural India extend the problem. As a result, products such as sanitary pads are unavailable in these areas.

The Innovation

The main solutions to any problems faced by women are the women themselves. Through Azadi, one women entrepreneur gets chosen to be a an Azadi Female Entrepreneur (AFE) and continuously work towards building her capacities for her to become the trusted access point for health and lifestyle products in her village.

The Impact

Azadi business model positively makes a difference in the life of two groups of people – the AFEs, and the women in the target villages. By engaging with Azadi, each AFE has the opportunity make $20 to $30 a month to support her family. They also receive training and continuous support building to increase their business acumen.

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