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Mobile application to make learning English affordable and accessible

Incubated Since 2016 Headquarters Bengaluru, India and New Jersey, USA Sector Education
Sub-sector Adult learning
Senior advisor Anuja Master Bose Portfolio Manager Sudhanshu Malani

"We want to help solve the skills gap problem in India. Our goal is to reach 15 million
learners by 2020.”
- Madhav Krishna, Founder, Vahan.

The Entrepreneur

Madhav Krishna is an egnineer with a Masters degree in Computer Science from Colombia University, USA. He worked as a software engineer for companies like NextJump.Inc, Jetsetter, ADstruc before starting Vahan.

The Challenge

India adds 12 million people to the workforce every year. However, an estimated 50% of those people are unemployable due to a lack of English language and cognitive skills.

The Innovation

Vahan is building a mobile application for making learning English affordable and accessible to India’s massive low-income adult population. By helping people in the workforce learn better English more effectively, Vahan will help them find employment in high growth sectors such as retail, hospitality, beauty and wellness etc. where English proficiency is important.

Vahan’s application is designed to work on basic, feature phones (75% of all cellphones in India) as well as smartphones. The platform also supports full content customization/ contextualization, which is important in a diverse country like India.

The Impact

Vahan’s goal is to help solve the skills gap problem in India and reach 15 million learners by 2020. The company is currently running pilots with two leading organisations in the development space – Magic Bus and LabourNet. The vocational training market in India is worth about $5 billion and English language training is about one-third of that.

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