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Smokeless, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly commercial cook stoves

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Bengaluru Sector Energy Sub-sector Fuel efficiency

"Our mission is to promote the rapid adoption of sustainable energy-related technology and products.””
- Svati Bhogle, founder, SustainTech

The Entrepreneur

Svati Bhogle has a Master’s degree from IIT-Bombay. She was a part of the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology and has now been associated with TIDE for over 18 years. She has received multiple awards for her work including the National Award for Women’s Development through science and technology from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

The Challenge

The number of roadside food stalls is high in most cities and all these outlets use fuels such as LPG or wood burning stoves, while cooking. The smoke emitted is hazardous to the cooks and also contaminates the food served to the customers. The costs of using such fuel are also high.

The Innovation

Sustaintech teamed up with PYRO to produce their flagship brand of fuel efficient and environment friendly commercial cook stoves which are smokeless and have features such as controlled combustion of fuel and safe collection of charcoal and ash. These stoves also isolate temperature so that the cooks don’t feel the heat. It is portable and durable and works with any type of fuel.

The Impact

With rising price of firewood currently at Rs 3000 / ton each stove pays for itself in one year of usage through fuel saving. Subsequently each stove would generate an additional income through fuel saving of about Rs 14,000- 20,000 per year to the customer. These stoves are cook-friendly and don’t harm the health of the cook. These stoves also have many environmental impacts and contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions and deforestation.

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