Administrator | September 26, 2016



Smokeless commercial cook stoves that are fuel-efficient, healthy and environment-friendly

Enterpreneur Svati Bhogle Sector Energy Geography Bengaluru, Madurai

Sustaintech is an offshoot of Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE), a non-profit organization devoted to promoting sustainable development through technological interventions. TIDE recognized that some of their technologies were effective in achieving fuel efficiency, but these products were not realizing their market potential. Due to the unorganized nature of the market, cook stoves that cater to the needs of micro-businesses have long since been the domain of unorganized local manufacturers who pay little attention to quality control or the comfort needs of end users.

Poorly designed stoves contribute substantially to indoor air pollution which is a leading cause of respiratory illness in India. Sustaintech's products were designed keeping all these issues in mind resulting in a product that lasts longer, burns fuel more efficiently and produces less smoke while being more convenient to use. Realizing the power of market-based mechanisms, TIDE promoted Sustaintech in early 2009 to market and sell a range of fuel-efficient cook stoves to roadside eatery owners. Sustaintech now has over thirty employees, has sold over 700 stoves, and has Rs. 7.6 Mn in annual sales.

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