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Sustain Earth


Low-cost biogas plant for rural households

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh Sector Energy Sub-sector Biogas
Senior advisor Portfolio Manager Paul Belknap

"Our mission is to solve challenges of energy access with cleaner fuels for the millions of rural households.”
- Koushik Yanamandram, co-founder, SustainEarth

The Entrepreneur

Koushik Yanamandram is an entrepreneur is an agricultural engineer who worked for think tanks such as TERI and has experience working in NGOs and social enterprises working in renewable energy.

Piyush Sohani has a degree in biotechnology and a Masters degree from TERI University in renewable energy engineering and management. His work experience ranges from companies such as TATA Consultancy Services to Indian Oil.

The Challenge

About 144 million households do not have access to clean cooking fuel in rural India. The common cooking fuels used in villages – such as firewood and dungcakes – emit hazardous smoke, which results in about 1 million deaths annually. India has the largest cattle population in the world, which means that the manure produced can be converted to clean cooking gas with the help of biogas technology. However, not many households are ready to adopt this technology due to reasons such as expensive installation and maintenance costs of biogas plants, lowered quantity of fuel production etc.

The Innovation

SustainEarth has introduced ‘Gau Gas’, a low-cost biogas system that converts cattle dung into clean cooking gas. This system is cheap, portable, durable and easy to install. The system ensures that the byproduct obtained can be used as fertilizer.

The Impact

Gau-gas has been adopted in two villages till now. The villages have around 250 small dairy farms which are ready to adopt this system for sustainability. There are over 600,00,00 rural households with cattle in India.

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