Administrator | September 26, 2016

Spring Health


Spring Health

Affordable, safe drinking water for the poor

Enterpreneur Jacob/ Kishan Nanavati Sector Water and Sanitation Geography Bengaluru

Spring Health builds out water tanks in the village kirana shop partners backyard, and treats and tests water to pronounce it safe before it is siold at 0.20p per liter. Delivery to homes is at an additional 10p per liter and delivery at a distance is at an aditional 30p per liter. A family of 5 can thus meet their daily need of drinking water for a cost of Rs 2 to Rs 3 with a max of Rs 5 if they are at a distance of more than 2km from the kiosk.The entrepreneur makes a 25% margin on water sales and the benefit of increase footfall to his shop access to other products from the Springhealth stable and last but not least is the increased status the providing of a basic need to the community creates for him.

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