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India’s first private weather forecasting company that delivers forecasts to farmers via mobile phones

Incubated Since Headquarters Delhi Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Weather forecast

"The resources have come because of Villgro. Without Villgro, this would not have happened.”
- Jatin Founder | Skymet

The Entrepreneur

Jatin Singh graduated from Boston University with a Masters in international relations, and worked in journalism at channels like Aaj Tak, where the idea of starting a weather forecasting company took form when one of Singh's producers told him about the difficulty in procuring accurate weather information.

The Challenge

While there is much data available on weather forecasting, current solutions are limited to larger geographies and short duration. Farmers are not able to access highly accurate weather forecast information for their specific regions and for a longer time horizon.

The Innovation

Skymet processes raw weather data using cutting edge methods and software to cater to the specific needs of farmers in micro-geographies and for specific duration. Farmers access this information through mobile platforms.

The Impact

Apart from providing forecasts on temperature, rainfall, humidity, etc., Skymet also started providing agri-advisory and crop statistics. It now has its own sensors at 800 points in different states including Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

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