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Skills development using gamified simulation

Incubated Since 2015 Headquarters Chennai, India Sector Education Sub-sector Skill based training

"Skillveri's device does not need any consumables, or even a trainer. It's Learn It­Yourself."
- Sabarinath C Nair, co­founder, Skillveri Solutions.

The Entrepreneur

Sabarinath C Nair has a Bachelor of Technology degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Kerala and an MBA in marketing management from Great Lakes
Institute of Management. He has worked at organisations such as NeST Technologies,
Sasken Communication Technologies, Photon Infotech and Vortex Engineering Pvt Ltd
before starting his own organisation

Kannan Lakshminarayan is a graduate of IIT Madras. He has worked for organisations such
as Vortex Engineering Pvt Ltd, Fractal Foundation and Microspin Machine Works Pvt Ltd.

The Challenge

There exists a ‘skills gap’ in India when it comes to the field of technology. Although there is a demand for skilled technicians, millions of youth in India still remain unemployed.

The Innovation

Skillveri believes in simple, elegant skill training tools for the manufacturing sector which demonstrate a very ​ effective skill transfer.​ . The first set of products from Skillveri are targeted at the highly demanded welding skill. The AURA series of welding simulators are
focused on quick & effective understanding of skills and their impact on quality

The Impact

By using Skillveri’s raining model one can save more than 2/3​ rd ​ of consumables cost and reduce rejections, rework. It is an eco­friendly product that requires virtually zero

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