Administrator | September 26, 2016



Primary healthcare and insurance to low-income consumers

Enterpreneur Shelley Saxena Sector Healthcare Geography US/ visits Bengaluru

Low income consumers have limited access to primary healthcare and little awareness about insurance. This results in sick days, loss of income and no safety net in case of emergencies.

Sevamob provides primary healthcare and insurance to low income consumers in the developing countries. For just $2/month, Sevamob provides healthcare to students in schools and employees in factories and services organizations. Preventive care and prescriptions are delivered on-premise by mobile clinics with the help of mobile technology. For advanced care, the teams are supported by back-office specialists, a 24x7 call center and a network of 3rd party service providers like Hospitals, Clinics, Pathologists and Insurance.

Sevamob launched the service in Dec, 2011. So far more than 3000 subscribers are paying for this service in Lucknow, Kakori, Mohanlal Gunj and Barabanki. Sevamob's social impact includes: a) Healthy children and improved grades through better attendance b) Higher productivity and incomes through improved “up-time” of workers and safety net for emergencies

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