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Promethean Power

Promethean Power

Rapid milk chilling machine used by leading dairy companies deployed in villages

Headquarters Pune, India Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Cold storage

“Our systems are a bit more expensive than a regular diesel generator system, but the savings in operating costs make up the difference in less than one year. ”
-Sorin Grama, co-Founder, Promethean Power

The Entrepreneur

Sorin Grama graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in electrical engineering. He then went on to do his Master of Science in engineering and management in MIT.

Sam White has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and Spanish from Union College. He has also studied at University of Salamanca, Spain. He has worked in companies such as GetConnected, Smartleaf and Greentown Labs.

The Challenge

Every year in India agricultural produce worth $10 billion is lost due to inadequate refrigeration. India’s diary system, though vast, is disorganized. Milk needs to be stored at cool temperatures to prevent it from spoilage. Most rural regions in India don’t have steady supply of grid-electricity to power refrigerators.

The Innovation

Promethean’s products aim to provide access to energy efficient cold storage. It has designed the world's first rapid milk chilling machine with a thermal battery that can be deployed in smaller villages of India. It is designed to work in areas with unreliable grid power.

The Impact

Cold-storage at the village level minimizes the number of collection trips and reduces transportation cost by half. By allowing small villages to become a part of the milk collection cycle, it can significantly increase monthly income in the hands of small dairy farmers in these areas. Promethean’s chillers vastly improve the quality and the longevity and transportability of milk.

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