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Nayam Innovations

Nayam Innovations

Artificial eye implant to treat cataracts and post-surgery vision complications.

Incubated Since 2015 Headquarters Pune, India Sector Healthcare Sub-sector Biotechnology
Portfolio Manager Aina Gaur

"Vision impairment and poverty are inextricably linked. In resource-poor settings, it determines one’s prospects for education, employment and dignity of life.”
- Tanuj Gigrad, Nayam Innovations.

The Entrepreneur

Tanuj Gigras has both a Bachelor and Master of Technology degree in engineering physics and nanotechnology from IIT Bombay. He worked as a research collaborator for Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and an analyst for Credit Suisse before starting Nayam Innovations.

The Challenge

About 6.5 million cataract surgeries happen in India every year. Cataract surgery often leaves patients with sub-optimal vision and dependent on spectacles or having to resort to more expensive corrective technology. For the poor in India, both options are not feasible.

The Innovation

An artificial implant of the eye to treat cataract and its post-surgical refractive error complications using its proprietary technology. This product will give better outcomes but at 1/10th the cost to the majority of low and middle-income populations in India and other parts of the world.

The Impact

Every year, more than 20 million cataract surgeries happen in the World, of which about 6.5 million happen in India. By 2020 this number will go up to 32 million and 8 million respectively.
there exists an opportunity to disrupt the market by creating a product which is at par with premium products in functionality but can be delivered at 1/10th the cost to the poor and middle-class populations, both in developing countries like India and in the west.

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