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A dynamic online marketplace for Indian artisans

Enterpreneur Navroze Mehta; Sonali Mehta Rao Sector Livelihoods Geography US

Through this innovative online marketplace, you can fill your life with distinctive handcrafted artwork while learning about the artisans who created them. At the same time you can forge a personal connection with these same artisans through purchases and loans that allow them the opportunity to live with dignity while ensuring that they can continue to practice their traditional crafts.

MyMela's vision is to create a dynamic online marketplace for Indian artisans, providing them a sustainable market for their work. Together with their field partner, Asha Handicrafts, they have identified the most skilled artisans to produce a wide range of high-quality handmade products for their site. In addition to purchasing their work, you can choose to further ensure their long term viability by offering them interest-free loans.

Your loans will be used to buy materials, make capital improvements or train other workers and will be repaid with interest in credits on the MyMela marketplace.

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