Administrator | September 26, 2016



Tasar yarn making machine that can increase productivity by 200% to 800%

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Jharkhand, India Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Textile equipments

The Challenge

Tasar yarn is made through a slow reeling and spinning process – which results in lower efficiencies, thereby translating into less income for the yarn makers and inability to meet market demand.

The Innovation

MASUTA has innovated on the original design developed by CSTI - their first tasar yarn making machine can increase productivity by 200% to 800%.

The Impact

The machine by Masuta, has increased the quality and quantity of tasar output which in turn benefits the machine’s primary users, the womenfolk. The earning goes to the hands of the womenfolk of the family, thus enhancing the status of women in their family and the society. The enterprise helps increases the income of families here by 30%, which is in addition to the existing income. The operation costs have also reduced resulting in an increase in savings.

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