Administrator | September 26, 2016

Leap Skills

Leap Skills

Skills development to improve youth employability in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns

Enterpreneur Megha Aggarwal Sector Education Geography New Delhi

Multiple strategic and research engagements have led to key insights. Student aspirations are frequently mismatched with the employment generation industry – and skills development linkages are tenuous at best. There are often few high quality large scale solutions that bear a sustainable cost structure to fill the gap.Students often leave their degree colleges without the skills training needed for their first job (job specific skills, communication and IT skills).

Only a few colleges in non-Tier 1 cities have a working placement process for their students, but most of them have no active linkages to large employers so recruitment often does not happen from a local student base.Leap Skill’s solution to this problem is an employer-led, demand driven system for skills development.

They achieve this by partnering with employers providing employees with high quality career paths and offering students Modular skills training courses (co-created with industry partners) offered in degree colleges and polytechnics with opportunities for placements at the end of the year.

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