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Tech-­based quality coaching solutions for competitive exams for students in tier-­2 cities

Incubated Since 2013 Headquarters Hassan, Karnataka Sector Education Sub-sector Coaching classes
Senior advisor Ananth Aravamudam Portfolio Manager Maya Chandrasekaran

"There are talented students throughout the country, but they do not get an opportunity to go to premier institutes because of a lack of guidance and support. We are pioneering a change in the way education is delivered, enabling quality education to reach masses."
- Mervin Rosario , co­founder, Ignus .

The Entrepreneur

Mervin Rosario graduated from IIT­Bombay with a Bachelor of Technology degree in
engineering physics. He founded Ignus as an entrepreneur­-in-­residence at Villgro. ​ Sharath
Holla, a graduate of BITS Pilani is the techie with previous experience in Amazon and Wipro.
Akshay Bedhotiya, from IIT­Bombay, leads the content development at Ignus and was earlier
involved in teaching and managing coaching centres in Agra. Gaureesh, an engineering
graduate from PESIT, Bengaluru, looks at the business development and sales strategy for

The Challenge

Most students from tier 2 and tier 3 cities are forced to go to the nearest metros to attend coaching sessions for attempting any competitive exam. This consumes time and is also an
expensive option for most families. The playing field is uneven

The Innovation

Ignus introduced­-tablet based coaching for students in tier 2 and tier 3 cities to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity at cracking competitive exams like IIT­-JEE. Their video courses use content from the best teachers in various subjects in the country. The courses
are well structured to enable proven methods of learning like peer group learning, etc.
These are much more engaging than a regular classroom and thus keep the students more
attentive and active in the class

The Impact

Ignus is seeking to make​ quality education affordable and accessible to students all over the
country. The company currently has a centre in Hassan. It plans to scale
into other cities and other types of competitive exams in the near future.

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