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Garv Toilets

Garv Toilets

GARV Toilets is a smart sanitation solutions company which extends the basic hygiene services to the last mile communities in underserved urban and peri-urban areas through its Smart Hygiene Centers.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Faridabad, Haryana Sector Water Sub-sector Sanitation
Senior advisor Ananth Aravamudan

"If we can provide the basic hygiene services in the most attractive, sustainable way to the last mile communities they embrace the change with open arms.”
– Mayank Midha

The Entrepreneur

Mayank is an experienced electronics engineer and a rural management professional with a degree from Institute of Rural management, Gujarat. With experience in the manufacturing, renewables and education sector of over 14 years, Mayank, chose Water and Sanitation as his final calling in 2015.

The Challenge

Globally 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, 1.4 million children die every year globally due to unsafe sanitation and water. Moreover, there are about 120000 people migrating to urban areas every week globally, which is putting tremendous pressure on inadequate public service infrastructure, which is mostly improperly maintained. It requires the intervention through new age technologies and innovative business models to provide equitable access to the underserved.

The Innovation

GARV Toilets, a brand of M3 Toilet Resources India Pvt. Ltd., provides Smart Sanitation solutions to underserved urban communities in developing countries. GARV’s steel toilets are portable, durable and maintained through automation. By inducing portability, smart technology and eco-friendly features like solar energy and bio-digesters in durable toilet infrastructure, they were able to provide clean, well maintained services consistently. They provide a one stop solution to the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs of the communities. They work through Smart Sanitation Centres. GARV’s Smart Sanitation Centre is a hub of smart toilets, bath facilities, water ATMs, laundry services, WiFi and a kiosk where hygiene products can be sold.

The Impact

Today, with their products and solutions, they have 721 installations providing over 300,000 services every day in the underserved communities spread across India. With the pilot project in Ghana, Bhutan and Nigeria, they plan to scale the solution to multiple last mile communities.

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