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Gapoon is a one-stop maintenance partner for businesses.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Bangalore Sector Employability
Portfolio Manager Vikash Jha

“We aim to become the largest aggregator of trained blue collared professionals in India.”
- Ankita Asai

The Entrepreneurs

Gapoon was started with a team of three founders- Apoorva Mishra, Ankita Asai & Nikhil Gupta, who were close friends since college. Apoorva Mishra, CEO, is an IIT-Kanpur alumnus. Previously, he worked as a Business Consultant with Fractal Analytics & EXL. Ankita Asai, CMO, is also an IIT- Kanpur alumnus. Prior to this, she worked as an oil-field engineer at Schlumberger. Nikhil Gupta, COO, is an IIT- Delhi alumnus who previously worked as a Business Consultant with Fractal Analytics.

The Challenge

The maintenance service industry is one of the largest disorganised segments in India. According to a National Skills Development Council Survey, of the required plumbers by 2020, we only have 20% available, and of that too, only 0.5% are trained. Overall incremental human resource requirement in the industry is approximately 70 million. Despite such staggering figures, for a majority of the working blue collared professionals, not only is there is a lack of steady income source but also an absence of a long-term career opportunity. At the same time, on the consumer’s end, there is no product offering to cater to the maintenance of infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. This lack of standardisation in services results in an imbalance between demand & supply, leading to the overall disorganisation of the industry.

The Solution

In the category of maintenance services & interior execution, consumers utilize various services from plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tilers, masons, appliance repairmen, painters & other blue collared professionals, either directly or indirectly. However, a majority of these jobs are often provided on a short-term basis without a proper demand to supply mapping, and in the absence of any skill development trajectory. Gapoon enables B2B shared economy marketplaces by providing end to end infrastructure maintenance support to the property/rental management companies, hospitality, service apartment, developers, interior designers, brands & marketplaces. This long-term partnership via their customized annual maintenance packages for multiple clients, in turn, offer sustainable career building opportunity to the blue collared professionals. Their proprietary algorithm & automated technology portal, GExPro Suite, maximizes the earnings per professional, matches the right skill sets for respective jobs & addresses multiple cross-skill & intra-skill training requirement.

The Impact

  • 1.5x higher earning per capita due to efficiency optimization by the algorithm.
  • Opportunity to add multiple skill sets. (Eg. A plumber is cross-trained for basic carpentry & electrical skills along with high-ticket complex plumbing projects hence improving his earning per hour).
  • Creating micro-entrepreneurs by allowing passionate & skilled vendors to build up their team with vendors chosen from the platform.
  • Regular management & soft skills training along with an introduction to the latest technology.
  • The best performers are presented with an opportunity to take over management role in the organization.

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