Administrator | September 26, 2016

Frontier Markets

Frontier Markets

Access, training, and servicing for clean-energy products

Enterpreneur Ajaita Shah Sector Energy Geography Jaipur

Over half the worlds population uses deadly cooking and lighting practices that kill over 2 million people annually, where half of these deaths are children under the age of 5 (WHO). Product solutions exist to fix this staggering issue, but the problem still lies in the education and distribution channel for these products that does not exist at scale.

Frontier Markets responds to the market failure to provide rural BOP villagers in India with access, training, and servicing for clean-energy products. Despite a clear demand, rural villagers are reluctant to purchase clean energy solutions either because they are not educated on how they work, have skewed quality perceptions of solar due to government subsidies and cheap products that flooded the market, and a lack of trust in solar based on an inferior product purchased in the past.

Product companies exist that design products with this target customer group in mind, but they lack on-the-ground infrastructure to deliver these to last-mile locations, do not understand the rural customer, and do not have the capability to provide education and servicing after a sale is made.

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