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Farm Harvest

Farm Harvest

Farm Harvest is a farm to folk company in the business of producing sweet corns and popcorns through community of farmers and further processing and distributing them through wholesale, retail channels and micro-entrepreneurs.

Incubated Since Apr 2018 Headquarters Salem, Tamil Nadu Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Market Linkage
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

"To be a highly rewarding and socially impacting enterprise in agri value chain"
"In agr-value chain, a farmer takes the most amount of risk. We intend to take mitigate some of this risk by providing them assured income"
- Founder

The Entrepreneur

KMS Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh grew up in Salem in a business family. Rajesh has been passionate about farming and has been a farmer himself for over two decades now. Realizing the potential of social impact in the sector and the plausible value add in the sweet corn chain, he started Farm Harvest.

The Challenge

The company is determined to solve the problem of low farmer income in rural area.

  • Low Farmers' income
  • Unorganized Supply chain from Farm to Fork
  • Lack of healthy and tasty snacks
  • Lack of business opportunity for economically weaker section

The Solution

The company is improving farmer incomes and creating microentrepreneurs among unemployed urban youth. The company develops protocols for efficient farming of sweet and popcorn varieties, oversees contract farming among small & medium farmers, processes the produce using innovative preservative free methods and retails across South India. It commits a buying price to farmers, undertakes their labor-intensive sowing & harvesting service and provides high quality seed free.

The Impact

Farm Harvest directly sources with 1500+ small & medium farmers, runs a processing plant that employs only women and retails ready-to-earn corn in cities through more than 100 vending carts. They have facilitated a credit facility for unemployed youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to aid in owning this cart.

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