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Ecozen Solutions

Ecozen Solutions

Solar powered micro cold storage system for agricultural and rural communities

Incubated Since 2015 Headquarters Pune Sector Energy Sub-sector Renewable energy
Senior advisor Portfolio Manager

"We spent close to nine months for engineering and market research associated with micro-cold storage. Sometimes farmers are apprehensive. It takes a lot of conviction and belief in what we are doing to get them on board. The key is to assure them that the product benefits them the most.”

The Entrepreneur

Prateek Singhal , Devendra Gupta and Vivek Pandey are graduates of IIT-Kharagpur. Prateek worked at Siemens, IIS- Bangalore and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France; while Devendra was at GreenHat Ventures and Vivek was a research associate at Alberta University, before they co-founded Ecozen.

The Challenge

35% of agricultural produce is wasted annually, due to inadequate infrastructure for storage. Around 10 million tons of cold storage capacity is required to prevent this. The current systems are very expensive and are available only to big farmers and middlemen; small farmers usually have to sell produce immediately at low prices.

The Innovation

Ecozen has produced an innovative micro cold storage which is a solar powered cold storage system. This product is designed for the rural farming communities. It does not need electricity to run.

The Impact

This product by Ecozen Solutions has been recognized by Stanford'’s E-Bootcamp as one among the world’s top 30 business ideas. The product is designed in such a way that it does not depend on grid electricity to run and after a 2-year breakeven, leads to over 40% increases in their profits. At present, Ecozen caters to Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Orissa.

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