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At Doorastha, we believe technology solutions are needed for remote areas, and the deprived (BOP) segment. Rural enterprises are disadvantaged due to the absence of power (both coverage as well as quality) limiting their income and growth prospects. Doorastha brings affordable 24x7 access to electricity through solar micro-grids with flexible payment model, with an automated monitoring solution to drive optimal utilization which is a key for sustainability of remote assets like solar micro-grids.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Delhi Sector Energy Sub-sector Renewable Energy-SMART Microgrids
Senior advisor Ananth Aravamudan

"We endeavor to enrich the lives of rural citizens by providing 24x7 quality power such that it increases and cuts down losses and contributes to economic development of that society.”
- Atanu Mukerji

The Entrepreneur

Shyamal Datta and Atanu Mukerji started on their entrepreneurship journey with the mission of making a strong social impact. With a long and varied corporate experience their aim was to use technology to provide energy access to rural India and other geographies. The existing challenges of being able to provide affordable yet high quality products or services in remote areas and being able to regularly monitor them is the need of the hour. They set out on this journey to enhance livelihoods and at the same time use a sustainable business model.

The Challenge

As of March 2019, there are 5.7 million unelectrified households in India. Most of them use a mix of sources of energy like kerosene lamps, solar lanterns, solar home systems etc. to power their requirements. However, that is not sufficient to cater to their demands and is not scalable. The rural micro-enterprises are outside the scope of public policy and government focus. Hence that is a gap which needs to be addressed. A lot of these enterprises use diesel generator supply for their energy needs which is available for limited time. The existing installed solar micro-grids, mostly installed using CSR funds are mostly defunct. Thus, all the above put together represent a large total addressable market of 60 mn users.

The Innovation

Doorastha is aiming to combat the issue of energy poverty for productive uses by rural enterprises through its “bottom-up approach”. The systems are monitored remotely through their installed smart meters which helps them continuously improve their services.

The solution iLUMY, which is end-to-end monitored Solar Micro-Grid Energy Access Service for Rural Micro-Enterprise is apt to service this consumer set. iLUMY is completely integrated hardware, software and analytics-based solution with integrated IOT like devices from the end-user to cloud platform; to operate, manage, monitor, report, diagnose and provide analytics for every micro-grid under control. They provide increase efficiency and optimization of resources deployed at every location. Data is collected at every node which can be analyzed for Descriptive, Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics.

The Impact

A single grid setup so far has enabled 60 connected customers running shops (who were earlier dependent upon 3-4 hours of genset based single bulb) access to reliable and clean energy.

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