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Bombay Bijlee

Bombay Bijlee

Bijlee Boqx is a smart solar energy harvester, storage and delivery device, with self-diagnostic hardware and back end cloud software system. It can detect any fault in the system and send an automatic alert to the local technician (local representative) providing proactive and prompt service. Bijlee Boqx also includes a free of cost television set made in-house, from refurbished e-waste of old desktop monitors. This serves as an attractive value proposition for the aspirations of rural households


Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Mumbai Sector Clean Energy Sub-sector Efficiency

Senior advisor Ashis Kumar Sahu

"Our vision is to create opportunities for rural households to realize their dreams of buying necessary and important home appliances, which will improve their quality of life and can push them out of the vicious circles of poverty.”
- Sandeep Zutshi

The Entrepreneur

Sandeep Zutshi is an engineer by education and have 2 years of industry experience in power electronics and 5 years of research experience in the field of Photovoltaic systems from IIT Bombay. Before starting Bombay Bijlee he co-founded Kwatt Solution which provides Photovoltaic based grid connected solutions to industries.

The Challenge

There are more than 100 million rural households in India getting highly intermittent power supply and they consume very minimal (less than a unit/day) electricity. Around 120 million households don’t own TV and 100 million households don’t own a fan. Households are forced to buy counterfeit products using chit fund systems. Households who desire to buy better quality take loans from small banks on a very high interest rates. For power back up, they buy off the shelf Lead -Acid battery and charge controllers from market to increase their power backup, paying very high price for the marginal need of the power back up due to over sizing of the system.

The Innovation

Bombay Bijlee’s solution integrates payments, after sales service and data driven scaling of power back up. Households can buy home appliance on “Pay As You Go” model using their platform.The self diagnostic hardware can detect any fault in entire system (source, battery, loads e.g TV, Fan, etc) and sends an automatic SMS to the field local technician to provide proactive and prompt service. Usage pattern and battery is also monitored which can be used to scale the power back up of the system without over sizing the system thus saving rural customers’ money.

The Impact

18 Off-grid or grid underserved rural households with yearly income of less than INR 1 Lakh are using Bijlee Boqx. There has been a >INR 108,000 reduction in customers' expenditure on kerosene, a 3000 kg reduction in CO2 emission, and 1,000 hours of clean electricity supplied till date.

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