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Biosense Technologies

Biosense Technologies

Affordable medical diagnostics.

Incubated Since 2015 Headquarters Thane, India Sector Health Sub-sector Biotechnology, diagnostics

"All our strategy is intricately reviewed and questioned by Villgro at all times. And the end result is always a plan that is well refined.”
- Abhishek, Co-Founder | Biosense.

The Entrepreneur

Abhishek Sen graduated from IIT Bombay with a Master of Technology in bioengineering. He worked as a scientist for Anaemedia Partners before starting his own organisation.

Aman Midha has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology and a Master of Design degree in industrial design from IIT Delhi. He worked as an industrial designer for Tata Technologies before co-founding Biosense Technologies.

Dr Yogesh Patil is a medical doctor and holds an MBA degree from IIT-Bombay.

The Challenge

Healthcare for poor or marginalised communities is fractured and, often, expensive. Early diagnosis can counter some of these challenges but this remains out of reach for majority of people in rural regions. Affordable, accessible diagnosis becomes key.

The Innovation

ToucHb, a hand-held needle-free battery operated device that enables screening for anaemia and simplifies monitoring of treatment on a regular basis.

uChek, a semi-automated urinalysis system, that has a smartphone app that processes and monitors urine analysis using conventional dipsticks.

SüChek, an affordable glucometer that estimates the value of glucose in your blood accurately.

The Impact

Every year nearly 1 million pregnant women and children under the age of 5 die, directly or indirectly, due to anemia. A major root cause why anemia goes untreated is the lack of infrastructure to diagnose it in the last mile. ToucHB, with its low user-skill requirements and high levels of accuracy makes anemia screening and diagnosis easier and more efficient. In remote rural communities, where there is often insufficient facilities for medical testing and not enough doctors, uChek’s technology can comprehensively improve access to basic diagnosis and monitoring. Instead of expensive and nonmobile lab machines, one affordable smartphone with the uChek app can check for up to 25 medical conditions, and help to manage managing diabetes, pregnancy, kidney, liver, bladder problems and urinary infections. A large population in the country neglects the importance of tracking blood sugar levels because the cost per test prohibits adoption. Affordable and easy-to-use, Sucheck addresses the rising trend of diabetes in India.

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