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Aindra Systems

Aindra Systems

Affordable device that can detect cervical cancer.

Incubated Since 2014 Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka Sector Health Sub-sector Diagnostics
Portfolio Manager Aina Gaur

"Cervical cancer is not an aggressive cancer, yet one woman dies every 7.5 minutes because of cervical cancer in our country.”
- Adarsh Natarajan, Aindra Systems.

The Entrepreneur

Adarsh Natarajan graduated from Bangalore University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronics and then went on to complete his MBA from IIM Bangalore in marketing and strategy. He worked as a software engineer for organisations such as Infosys and Lucent Technologies. He worked at WIPRO Technologies for 6 years before starting Aindra Systems.

Abhishek Mishra has a Bachelor of Technology degree from NIT Jalandhar in instrumentation and control engineering. He has worked for organisations such as HCL Technologies and NIT Jalandhar before starting Aindra Systems.

The Challenge

330 million Indian women between the ages of 30 and 60 years are at risk of developing cervical cancer. Early detection through constant screening is a necessity. However, most women don’t have access to state of the art technology. Also the devices used in most hospitals are imported from abroad, resulting in high prices.

The Innovation

Aindra Systems is developing an innovative device that can be deployed at low-cost to assist with screening and detection of cervical cancer among women. The AIndra device banks on the pap smear test, a method of cervical screening to detect potentially cancerous cells. The setup has an on board computing unit, which classifies the sample as either normal or abnormal and sends it to a pathologist to confirm the findings. TThe whole process takes less than a day's time.

The Impact

The startup has already partnered with Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology and Cancer Care India, an NGO, for conducting on-field trials, and is also in advanced talks with St. John's hospital.

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